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Business Optimisation – Case Study


In the past few years, local authority budgets reductions has put enormous strain on services quality provision and making efficiencies. Putting in place a mechanism that enables the decision making, compliance and oversight by the political leadership. £27m of operational savings (10% of overall revenue budget) was required while maintaining high quality services.

Financial Imperative

Key Driver To Deliver by the following financial year equally improve service quality and delivery.

Executive and Political Engagement

The transformational savings required strong political will and Executive buy-in across the organisation to drive the change.


We put in place a structured approach that actively engaged all parts of the organisation to deliver a common outcome. A process was put in place to develop proposals, feasibility studies, options and political engagement to place the new operating model on a sound footing. Corporate financial, legal, audit, HR and other services supported to remodel front line customer customers, simplifying and redesigning to digital means. Portfolio and project management was used with portions run in 'agile'. We develop scale, structure driving a shared vision and goals to deliver the outcomes sought.


From inception, design and implementation, the overall corporate transformation delivered £28m operational budget reduction and transformed services to make them more nimble and efficient. Using digital, business re-design and strong portfolio management of over 150 projects delivered successfully.

Political and Executive Engagement

Political Leadership

Senior Executive Buy-In

Controlled Decision Making

Portfolio Management

Developed Savings Portfolio Software

Dashboard for Decision Making

Controlled Delivery of Portfolio

Operating Models

Re-Invent service models

Active Participation

Digital Service Delivery

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