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Implementing a Portfolio Management Office (PMO) – Case Study

Business Objectives

Improve the delivery and management of projects, programmes and the overall portfolio. Better insight, predictability of project delivery, and meeting their corporate objectives were vital goals.  Significant capital investments in the public realm and housing required a focus for the organisation to ensure that projects remained on track and the make best use of the limited resources and skills. Key senior executives required an improvement in governance, project processes, and expertise along with software to underpin project delivery to provide better insight and reporting. 


Better insight into decision making                  Lack of project tools              Lack of skills and processes

   Delivering projects on time and budget                    Organisational agility and speed



We put in place a multifaceted and coordinated change plan to implement a corporate programme office based on portfolio management principles (PMO). These covered Developed a transparent governance model with key decision makers Develop a comprehensive project lifecycle processes Cultural and behavioural change along with project training Established the resources and structure of the corporate PMO Tendered and implemented project software solution to underpin the changes

Outcomes Delivered

We established a corporate PMO that supported the organisational strategy, transparent processes, governance, and better project outcomes. These included.

Better decisions on projects and programmes

Clear and robust project life-cycle management

Portfolio management software implemented

Productive project managers to manage more projects

Greater projects delivered on time and budget


PMO Implementation

Vision and Type of PMO

Insight and Project Visibility

Assess PMO maturity

Portfolio Software

Shape Requirements and Selection of PMO Software

Implement Software and Practices

Training and Support

Managed PMO

Provide Managed PMO

Regular Reporting

Scale Up Skills and Capability

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