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New Ways of Working – Case Study


In today’s context, ever-increasing demands are being placed to deliver on the change agenda despite having smaller budgets. Delivering operational efficiencies, a drive to deliver ‘value for money’ whilst accommodating the demands of regulations such as ‘flexible working’ for employees are all key elements to modernise organisations. Improving the employee experience increases productivity, retention and attract the best from the market. The Covid-19 has accelerated plans to deliver the modern ways of working, home-working and ensuring employees stay productive while keeping safe and following government regulations. As the pandemic evolves, and so do the regulations how best to stay agile and work with employees is a constant challenge.


Employee Experience

Improve morale, retention and deliver legal obligations to employees. Drive cultural change in behaviours.

Operational Efficiency

Deliver better use of property assets, operational improvements and lean processes.


We brought together and created a strong collaboration of key stakeholders and securing agreement on a common vision. A transformation project plan was designed and executed together with HR, IT , Facilities Management, Health and Safety, Training , well as external providers such as works contractors, space planners, telephony and IT/software providers. We undertook a consultative approach with employees, by undertaking workshops, questionnaires and by ensuring they are an integral part of the team developing a cultural change journey. Bringing these elements as a single codified project brought significant benefits and effective coordination.


The project resulted in significant improvements to the quality of service delivery, revenue and a reduction in the cost of service. Deploying digital technologies, mobile, cultural change, new office accommodation and flexible working reap rewards for all key stakeholders.

Operational Efficiency

Increase revenue

Reduce cost of service

Leverage technology

Agile Workforce

Foster innovation

Reduce staff attrition

Collaborative Environment

Leverage Assets

Reduce cost of facilities

Maximise space

Collaborative Environment

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